Early Release

At Student Success we refer to an early release as an article or practice report that has been selected for immediate release due to its innovativeness, the contemporary nature of the topic and the level of interest it will conceivably generate.  The submission has undergone the peer review process, has been accepted for publication and has undergone a technical edit.  The production phase includes journal layout and quality assurance activities.  When the next scheduled issue is complete, the early release manuscript becomes part of that issue and will no longer appear on the early release page.

Please note the citations on each manuscript – early release and in the subsequent issue – and cite appropriately when referencing.

Early Release June 2018:

Exploring online interaction and online learner participation in an online science subject through the lens of the interaction equivalence theorem Johanna Nieuwoudt, Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, Australia

Pre-induction supports for flexible learners: The Head Start Online MOOC pilot  James Brunton, Mark Brown, Eamon Costello, Orna Farrell, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Early Release August 2018:

Study and Life: How first year university students use their time Amanda Richardson, Sharron King, Tim Olds, Gaynor Parfitt, Belinda Chiera, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia