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Student Success welcomes full papers and practice reports for consideration at any time.  

New Issue - Volume 15(1) 2024

Student Success: A journal exploring the experiences of students in tertiary education

Current Issue

Vol. 15 No. 1 (2024)
Vol. 15 No. 1 (2024)
Published: 2024-02-27
  • Editorial Volume 15 Issue 1 2024
    Karen Nelson, Tracy Creagh
  • “Strained and Strange”: Second-Year University Students' Help-Seeking Strategies
    Lynnae Venaruzzo, Negin Mirriahi, Oleksandra Poquet, Shane Dawson
  • You’ve Got Mail: A Technology-Mediated Feedback Strategy to Support Self-Regulated Learning in First-Year University Students
    Isabella Sauchelli, Georgina Heath, Amanda Richardson, Sally Lewis, Lisa-Angelique Lim
  • Effectiveness of University-Provided Individual Counselling for Healthcare Students: A Systematic Review
    Giuseppina Lo Moro, Maria Rosaria Gualano, Costanza Vicentini, Noemi Marengo, Fabrizio Bert, Roberta Siliquini
  • A Third Space Approach to Integrated Academic Student Success Advising (ASSA)
    Catherine Picton, Alison Jaquet, Leah Simons, Kaylenne Byrne, Natalie Oostergo, Amanda Henderson, Denise Wood
  • Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviours in University Students: Are First-Generation Students Different?
    Shakila Begum, Andrea Du Preez, Michelle Robinson, Patricia A Zunszain
  • A Flipped Class to Support the Success of At-Risk Students
    Li Li Voon, Siow Hoo Leong, Chin Ying Liew
  • Supporting Those Who Provide Support: What Do University Student-Facing Staff Say About Training for Working with Diverse Cohorts?
    Samantha Kilmartin, Tessa McCredie, Sally Baker, Farhana Laffernis, Clemence Due
Practice Reports
  • Increasing Undergraduate Student Retention with “Psychology of Success”: A Course for First-Year Students on Academic Warning
    M. Lynn Breyfogle, Kimberly A. Daubman
  • Mapping the Student Experience: A Framework for Assessing Student Support, Success, Community and Voice
    Tom Lowe, Sophie Wright
  • Motivational Interviewing to Support the Goals of College Students
    Benjamin Buck Blankenship
  • Learning How to Learn Languages: A Transformative Learning Approach to Empower Effective Language Learners
    Susana A Eisenchlas, Kelly Shoecraft
  • Capturing Peer-To-Peer Mentoring Advice: A Podcast Series for First-Year Law Students
    Anita Mackay
  • Learning by Doing: Students’ Experiences of Interprofessional Education and Community Partnership in a Pilot Student-Run Clinic
    JiaRong Yap, Patrick Broman, Patrea Andersen, Sharon Brownie
  • Teaching Resilient Mindsets: Developing a Model and an Active Learning Workshop for First-Year College Students
    Krystle Jalalian-Chursky, Brittany M. Tausen
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