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Colin James

Australian National University

Dr Colin James, a solicitor since 1989, has published in many fields associated with legal education, legal history, legal practice and the well-being of law students and lawyers. He is a senior lecturer in the Australian National University College of Law.

With qualifications in law, history and psychology, Colin presents at many national and international conferences. He was chief investigator in a study (with Dr Nicola Ross) of how experienced lawyers respond to serious cases of domestic violence. He was a member of a team investigating academic integrity policies and practices in the Australian tertiary sector and published several papers on encouraging academic integrity in legal education to promote professional identity in law students.

Other projects include (with Jenny Finlay- Jones) studying the emotional intelligence of graduate lawyers, and (with Felicity Wardhaugh) with law students on clinical placement, and studies on resilience, habits and psychological strengths as strategies for thriving in legal education and practice.

Colin is contributing editor (with Professor Rachael Field and James Duffy) of a book titled ‘Promoting Law Student and Lawyer Well-Being in Australia and Beyond’, and has supervised PhDs and DBAs on topics ranging from domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, industrial ethics and worker safety practices, and first-responders’ powers of detention in a mental health emergency.


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