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Jennifer Kumar

Western Sydney University The College

With a Masters in Multimedia Design, and a graduate of advertising’s globally recognised AWARD School, Jennifer Kumar has had over 16 years professional industry experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, before joining Western Sydney University. After initially working in the WSU’s Design (Visual Communication) course, she currently teaches Design full time at Western Sydney University - The College in the Academic Pathways Program. Jennifer was invited to co-led a Cross-Discipline Teaching/Curriculum team creating a comprehensive report and a college-wide staff presentation, and now contributes to the university’s Multidisciplinary Project-Based Learning and Research group. Recently she has been investigating staff awareness and classroom support methods for neurodivergent students in transitional education. Jennifer champions the holistic development, transferable skills and belonging experiences of students in their tertiary studies, whilst preparing them for their future careers.


Open Access Journal
ISSN 2205-0795