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Vol. 13 No. 3 (2022): Special Issue: Fostering Connections in Higher Education

Cover image of tree - title: Fostering Connections in Higher Education.  Image Lance Grandahl
Cover image of tree - title: Fostering Connections in Higher Education. Image Lance Grandahl
Published: 2022-11-29
  • Guest Editorial: Fostering Connections in Higher Education
    Katelyn Barney, Nicole Crawford, Janine Delahunty
Practice Reports
  • School-Based Enabling Programs: Creating Opportunity and Connection
    Anita Olds, Angela Jones, Rebekah Sturniolo-Baker, Shane Clark, Jaimee Dawson, Wesley McGrath, Curtis Plumb, Catherine Schwartz, Carmel White
  • Community, Engagement and Connectedness: Reflections on Pathway Programs at a Regional Australian University
    Jenny Spence, Charmaine Davis, Jonathan H Green, Orié Green, Marcus Harmes, Celeste Sherwood
  • Connecting Postgraduate Students and Older Adults in the Community to Support Wellbeing: A Service-Learning Module During COVID-19 and Beyond
    Donata Puntil, Gisele Dias, Carolina Kralj, Cathy Deplessis, Elizabeth Rylance-Watson, Carol Ma, Patricia A Zunszain
  • Turning the Tables: Using Non-English Conversation Tables to Create Connections for International Students, Campus, and Community
    Janet Eckerson, Christopher Jacobs, Ladan Ghazi Saidi, Dawn Mollenkopf, Phu Vu
  • “The Connection Itself was the Project”: Capstone Experiences for Emerging Professional Musicians Through WIL
    Narelle Yeo, Sophie Mohler, Ines Paxton, Helen Hoi Ting Kwan, Lachlan Massey, Thomas Hallworth
  • Taking University to the Students: Forging Connections and Inclusion Through Regional University Centres (RUCs)
    Cathy Stone, Sharron King, Chris Ronan
  • Strategies for Student Belonging: The Nexus of Policy and Practice in Higher Education
    Brendan Mahoney, Jennifer Kumar, Mohammed Sabsabi
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ISSN 2205-0795