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Vol 10 No 2 (2019)

2019 STARS Conference Issue
2019 STARS Conference Issue
Published: 2019-08-12
Invited Feature
  • Online learning in Australian higher education: Opportunities, challenges and transformations
    Cathy Stone
  • Using an alternate reality game to facilitate student engagement during orientation
    Sarah Glencross, Sandra Elsom, Marguerite Westacott, Colleen Stieler-Hunt
  • The benefits of good tutor-student relationships in the first year
    Ella R Kahu, Catherine Picton
  • International students’ transition to university: Connection and disconnection in online group work interactions
    Jade Sleeman, Catherine Lang, Eva Dakich
  • Engaging the disengaged: Exploring the use of course-specific learning analytics and nudging to enhance online student engagement
    Jill Lawrence, Alice Brown, Petrea Redmond, Marita Basson
Practice Reports
  • Developing and enacting student governance and leadership training in higher education
    Mollie Dollinger, Jessica Vanderlelie
  • The Deakin 'Students Helping Students' and 'Students as Partners' collection: A contemporary take on the classic cut
    Lynn Milburn, Dawn Jones
  • How can a 'Sense of Belonging' inform your teaching strategy? Reflections from a core Business unit
    Elizabeth Levin, Andrew Rixon, Maree Keating
  • Regional study hubs: Increasing student engagement to support regional students facing high first-year attrition risk factors
    Monica Davis, Duncan Taylor
Online First
  • Student responses to a tough early assessment: A useful “kick up the bum”?
    Kate Wilson, Kate F Wilson
  • ‘Get Ready’: Improving the transition experience of a diverse first-year cohort through building student agency
    Amy Larsen, Deanna Horvath, Christopher Bridge
  • Development, implementation and students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary for-credit subject to help students transition to university
    Heike Schütze, Jenna Bartyn