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Vol. 12 No. 1 (2021): Volume 12 Issue 1 2021

Vol. 12 No. 1 (2021)
Published: 2021-03-15
  • Editorial Volume 12 Issue 1 2021
    Karen Nelson, Tracy Creagh
  • Personalised Emails in First-Year Mathematics: Exploring a Scalable Strategy for Improving Student Experiences and Outcomes
    Sarah Dart, Belinda Spratt
  • Block Mode Study: Opportunities and Challenges for a New Generation of Learners in an Australian University
    Gayani Samarawickrema, Kaye Cleary
  • “I’m Not a Number, I’m Someone to Them”: Supporting Commencing University Students’ Through Technology-Mediated Personalised Communication
    Sally Lewis, Georgina Heath, Lisa Lim, Rosie Roberts
  • Negative Affect and Performance on Exam Day in College Students: The Role of Self-Regulation
    Alissa Russell, Kathleen Thursby, Teresa Aubele-Futch, Rebecca Stoddart
  • Student Nurse Perceptions of Video Simulation and Critical Reflection for Developing Clinical-Reasoning Skills: A Cross Cohort Study
    Michael J Macartney, John F Cooper, Pathmavathy Namasivayam
  • Students’ Views of the Promoters and Barriers to First Year College Persistence in Ireland: A Partnership Study
    Natasha Daniels, Pádraig MacNeela
  • The Effect of a Face-To-Face ScienceReady Preparatory Short Course on University Students’ Self-Efficacy
    Jyothi Thalluri, Joy Penman, Minh Chau
  • Moving Beyond First Year: An Exploration of Staff and Student Experience
    David Birbeck, Lois McKellar, Kat Kenyon
Practice Reports
  • A Resource for E-Moderators on Fostering Participatory Engagement Within Discussion Boards for Online Students in Higher Education
    Ameena L Payne
  • Promoting Engagement in a CS1 Course with Assessment for Learning
    Simon Liénardy, Laurent Leduc, Benoit Donnet
  • Tapping Librarians for a Successful Technology Training Pilot
    Cori Biddle
Open Access Journal
ISSN 2205-0795