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Online First

Online First, the immediate online publication of selected papers as soon as the authors have returned the corrected proofs.

As each paper is ready for publication, it will be published Online First. Contributions published Online First are citable by journal title and DOI. The production phase includes journal layout and quality assurance activities. When the next scheduled issue is complete, the Online First manuscript becomes part of that issue and will no longer appear on the Online First page.

Please cite appropriately when referencing.


Online First October 2020:

Personalised Emails in First-Year Mathematics: Exploring a Scalable Strategy for Improving Student Experiences and Outcomes

Sarah Dart, Belinda Spratt

“I’m Not a Number, I’m Someone to Them”: Supporting Commencing University Students’ Through Technology-Mediated Personalised Communication

Sally Lewis, Georgina Heath, Lisa Lim, Rosie Roberts







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