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Academics’ Narratives of Productive Learning Cultures During COVID-19 Emergency Remote Teaching in Australia


This research applies sociocultural learning theory to describe the learning cultures that academics at a small Australian university cultivated during synchronous emergency remote teaching (ERT) at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We sought to understand how academics fostered learning when thrust into a new technological environment that required them to revise face-to-face teaching approaches while managing students’ stress, anxiety, and expectations. The research combined a focus group with three small-group interviews. While the prospect of ERT initially concerned many participants, it generated growth in their teaching knowledge and ability. Our findings indicate that the assumptions of sociocultural learning theory provide helpful bases and practical ideas upon which academics can plan and deliver teaching to cultivate productive learning cultures during crises that require remote teaching.  

Published: 2022-02-28
Pages:54 to 66
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Mitchell, M., Gill, C., & Brodmerkel, S. (2022). Academics’ Narratives of Productive Learning Cultures During COVID-19 Emergency Remote Teaching in Australia. Student Success, 13(1), 54-66.

Author Biographies

Bond University
Australia Australia

Dr Marilyn Mitchell is Discipline Leader for Communication, Media, Public Relations, and Journalism in the Faculty of Society & Design at Bond University. She lectures in the subjects Organisational Communication & Leadership and Mass & Popular Media. Her research interests are in learning and teaching and the semiotics of information graphics and other forms of media. 

Bond University
Australia Australia

Dr Chelsea Gill is an Assistant Professor of Management at the Bond University Business School. Her research interests include educational research, employability outcomes of higher education, and organizational wellbeing.

Bond University
Australia Australia

Dr Sven Brodmerkel is an Assistant Professor for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications at Bond University. His research investigates ‘creative cultures’ – the changing nature of professional creativity and workplace cultures in the advertising industry and beyond.

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