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Motivational Interviewing to Support the Goals of College Students


This practice report describes a higher education practice to support the aspiration of students while supporting their well-being. The use of Motivational Interviewing (MI), an evidence-based conversational style, in faculty-student conversations can meet the psychological needs of students in consideration of their self-determination. This approach is gaining interest in higher education practice and emerging within published literature. This report suggests goal attainment is a worthy outcome that aligns with MI, and provides a report of a small-scale pilot study. The advancement of school-based MI practices for college student development is encouraged. Implications, helpful and formative literature, and future research opportunities are provided.

Published: 2023-07-24
Issue:Online First
Section:Practice Reports
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Blankenship, B. B. (2023). Motivational Interviewing to Support the Goals of College Students. Student Success.

Author Biography

Northern Arizona University
United States United States

Buck Blankenship is a dad, spouse, and an Associate Teaching Professor in the College of Education’s First Year Seminar program at Northern Arizona University. He is also a member of a newly formed MI in Higher Education International Think Tank - please contact for more information. His interests include pedagogical practices centered in student self-determination and supporting student success through individualized education.

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