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Flipped peer leader training: A modularised, blended and active peer leader training and development program


Blended and flipped classroom pedagogical models are recognised as having the potential to deepen and enrich student learning while also being a more engaging learning experience (Partridge, Ponting, & McCay, 2011). E-learning platforms and blended pedagogies have transformed the higher education landscape, changing how teaching and learning occur along with learner expectations about the nature of their learning experience. Active-learning, collaborative learning, blended pedagogies and flexibility in deciding where, when and how they engage have now become mainstreamed (Gaebel, Kupriyanova, Morais, & Colucci, 2014). In the peer leader training and development landscape, blended pedagogical approaches are typically not applied; however, if adopted, they have the potential to similarly transform the learning experience. This article describes a student-centred blended and flipped classroom model of peer leader training that aims to establish a more flexible, connected, coherent and deeper student learning experience.

Published: 2017-07-25
Pages:79 to 85
Section:Practice Reports
Open Access Journal
ISSN 2205-0795