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Do you hear me? Student voice, academic success and retention


The place of student voice, whilst present in the evaluation of the teaching and learning process in higher education institutions, is limited in the planning, provision and ownership of student support services that promote student success and retention. This project seeks to recognise that students have an active role and partnership in constructing their own success and their voice is integral to this partnership. To promote the importance of the student voice at the University of Newcastle (UON), this initiative has established the Office of Student Advocacy (OSA). This is a collaborative enterprise between university staff and student associations, a communication strategy for student-elected representatives on university committees and, a reporting mechanism for student concerns to be communicated to the relevant decision makers at UON. The project repositions students as co-creators of student support to inform student success.

Published: 2017-07-27
Pages:123 to 129
Section:Practice Reports
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Allen, J., & Nichols, C. (2017). Do you hear me? Student voice, academic success and retention. Student Success, 8(2), 123-129.
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