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2018 Special Issue: Student Engagement and Retention in Higher Education


We are delighted to present the 2018 Special Issue – Student Engagement and Retention in Higher Education.  Practitioners, researchers and scholars know that student retention arises from a complex combination of student, institutional and external factors that manifest differently for individual students.  Simple performance metrics focused on student characteristics, cohorts or institutional initiatives delivered as ranking or rating systems, are unlikely to deliver improvements in performance, unless the complex contextual factors underlying the reasons students stay or leave are more widely considered.

Published: 2018-12-05
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Kahu, E. R., & Lodge, J. (2018). 2018 Special Issue: Student Engagement and Retention in Higher Education. Student Success, 9(4).

Author Biographies

Massey University
New Zealand New Zealand

Ella R. Kahu is a lecturer within the School of Psychology at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. She teaches first year courses on psychology and citizenship, both on campus and through distance delivery. Her broad research interests are in social psychology, often exploring how people manage their at times conflicting social roles and identities. Her current research focus is the engagement of higher education students with a particular interest in transitions and the first year experience. Her conceptual framework of student engagement is widely agreed to be a valuable tool for understanding the student experience


University of Queensland
Australia Australia

Jason M. Lodge is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education at the University of Queensland. He is an experienced educator in psychology and education and a principal fellow in the Science of Learning Research Centre. Jason’s areas of expertise are in psychological science, educational psychology, higher education and educational technology. His research focuses on the cognitive and emotional factors that influence student learning and the student experience in higher education.

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