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Developing and enacting student governance and leadership training in higher education


Despite increased attention placed both in and outside Australia on student participation in university governance, there remains a gap in practices and programs that help support students to contribute across various governance groups, councils, and representative roles. This practice report explores two aspects of developing student partnership in governance at a research-intensive university in Australia. We will showcase a set of rationales co-created between students and staff on why partnership should be a critical aspect of higher education policy and governance. Secondly, we will provide an overview of a specialised training program that aims to provide students with foundational working knowledge of university governance practice, policies and language to bolster engagement within their roles. We will further discuss anticipated impacts and advance research and future practice in this area by highlighting key areas that require further exploration to further student engagement in governance structures.

Published: 2019-08-09
Pages:59 to 64
Section:Practice Reports
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Dollinger, M., & Vanderlelie, J. (2019). Developing and enacting student governance and leadership training in higher education. Student Success, 10(2), 59-64.

Author Biographies

La Trobe University
Australia Australia

Dr Mollie Dollinger is an Associate Lecturer of Student Success at La Trobe University where she leads a range of initiatives aimed to support and strength student-staff partnership across the university. Her research areas include student-staff co-creation, higher education policy, and the student experience.

La Trobe University
Australia Australia

Professor Jessica Vanderlelie is the inaugural Pro Vice-Chancellor Student Success at La Trobe University. Jessica is recognised for her expertise as an educator and innovative approaches to supporting student transition, alumni engagement and employability.

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