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The Deakin 'Students Helping Students' and 'Students as Partners' collection: A contemporary take on the classic cut


Fashion metaphors are used to explore the relationship between Deakin’s ‘Students Helping Students’ strategy and its emerging ‘Students as Partners’ initiative. As the curtain is raised, the current ‘tertiary trend’ of Students as Partners is seen through a global lens. The Deakin Students Helping Students and Students as Partners collection is then paraded across the runway, at once unveiling savvy design and high-quality workmanship. A key feature of both Deakin’s Students Helping Students and Students as Partners models is that they are expressions of a community of practice approach and of social learning theory, with some variations in texture and palette. This ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ show concludes that while both looks are based on a timeless, ‘classic cut’ approach to education that engages both students and staff, each trend adds colour, interest and appeal. Fashions in education are sometimes fleeting, sometimes fun, and they are sure to invigorate, refresh and challenge.

Published: 2019-08-09
Pages:65 to 70
Section:Practice Reports
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Milburn, L., & Jones, D. (2019). The Deakin ’Students Helping Students’ and ’Students as Partners’ collection: A contemporary take on the classic cut. Student Success, 10(2), 65-70.

Author Biographies

Deakin University
Australia Australia

Lynn Milburn has worked in numerous student-staff partnerships as both student and staff member
and is involved in Deakin’s Students as Partners initiative. She has always been amazed at the learning
possibilities for both sides of any partnership. Her current passion is finding connections across
seemingly diverse areas of education.

Deakin University
Australia Australia

Dawn Jones leads Deakin’s Student Academic and Peer Support Services area. Her many years of
experience in teaching, managing and mentoring inform her current work consulting and advising on
student-centred approaches in tertiary contexts, including Deakin’s Students as Partners Initiative.
Dawn is actively involved in global mentoring and learning communities.

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