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A Reflection on Harnessing Learned Optimism, Resilience and Team Growth Behaviour in Order to Support Student Groups


Change is all around us at universities, and learned optimism is a skill that is much sought after. Our rapid rate of change at Macquarie University has identified the opportunity for the Student Engagement team to implement learned optimism in their training and work practices in order to enhance the student experience. This paper will explain the current challenges and how our response to change can set the standard for future challenges. With learned optimism we are able to facilitate positive changes to practices that support the needs of student groups.

Published: 2019-12-13
Pages:104 to 111
Section:Emerging Initiatives

Author Biography

Macquarie University
Australia Australia

Melinda Chadwick is the Team Leader for Student Engagement at Macquarie University, where she is working closely with a variety of student groups to help them plan and execute events on and off campus. She is passionate about student engagement and is working on developing tools/programs to help students run their student groups successfully.

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