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2020 Special Issue: Enabling Excellence Through Equity


The Enabling Excellence through Equity Conference 2019 was held at the University of Wollongong, Australia from 24th to 27th November 2019. This was a combined biennial conference for the National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia (NAEEA) and the Equity Practitioners in Higher Education in Australasia (EPHEA). The Conference attracted higher education educators, practitioners and researchers from around the world involved in enabling education, widening participation and pathways to higher education, and equity initiatives that promote access to higher education. This special issue contains a selection of the papers as selected by the guest editors Dr Pranit Anand, Jacinta McNamara and Professor Liz Thomas.

Published: 2020-03-05
Pages:i to iii
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Anand, P., McNamara, J., & Thomas, L. (2020). 2020 Special Issue: Enabling Excellence Through Equity. Student Success, 11(1), i-iii.

Author Biographies

Queensland University of Technology
Australia Australia

Dr Pranit Anand is a Lecturer, Learning Design at Queensland University of Technology. He has worked in enabling education for almost 18 years and is passionate about enabling students from marginalised backgrounds to access education. His teaching and learning approaches are inclusive and flexible to cater for the increasingly diverse student cohorts in higher education. Pranit is the facilitator of the National Association of Enabling Educators SIG in Enabling Assessments. He is also the founder and facilitator of an international SIG in Internationalisation of the Learning Experience. He continues to explore different modes of assessment and evaluates approaches to student engagement.

University of Wollongong
Australia Australia

Jacinta is a lecturer and subject coordinator in the post-graduate program of the School of Education at the University of Wollongong, specialising in adult, vocational and higher education. She has also worked as assistant program manager and academic support coordinator with students engaged in enabling education as a pathway to university study.  Having over ten years’ experience in the field has given her an admiration and appreciation for the journeys of adult learners. This has led Jacinta to undertake research in this area and she is currently completing her Doctorate of Education with her research interests focusing on transition and social inclusion in higher education using narrative inquiry.

Edge Hill University
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Liz Thomas is professor of higher education at Edge Hill University, and an independent higher education researcher and consultant. She has been researching widening participation and student success for over twenty years. Current work includes piloting interventions to improve students’ belonging and success, researching student retention and withdrawal in public sector professional education programmes, and research and institutional development to improve the engagement, experience and outcomes of commuter students. Liz is committed to using her research to improve student experiences and outcomes, and has organised and facilitated many change programmes for cross-institution teams, and is currently supporting a number of higher education institutions to develop their approach to improving the diversity and success of their students. Liz is a widening participation expert for the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework main panel, helping to ensure that the TEF processes and assessors take account of the experiences and realities of non-traditional students in judgements about teaching excellence.

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