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Editorial Volume 12 Issue 1 2021


Welcome to 2021.  Despite the impact of COVID-19 across the tertiary education sector in 2020 (and continuing), we are pleased to be able to bring you our general issue for the year intact and without interruption.  We are also reassured that our article submission rate remains constant despite the recent global disruption. The editorial team recognise that there has never been a more important time to share and disseminate current teaching and learning research.  Authors are encouraged to submit research on practice that clearly identifies elements transferable to other domains and detail how a specific initiative contributes to the broader knowledge base. In this new COVID- normal learning environment, sharing learning and teaching initiatives in an open access forum has never been more valuable.

Published: 2021-03-15
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Nelson, K., & Creagh, T. (2021). Editorial Volume 12 Issue 1 2021. Student Success, 12(1).

Author Biographies

University of Southern Queensland
Australia Australia

Professor Karen Nelson is the founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the Student Success Journal.

Queensland University of Technology
Australia Australia

Tracy Creagh is the Journal Manager Student Success. Tracy has primary responsibility for the development of content, production and layout and general ongoing management of the publications.

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