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Guest Editorial: Student Success in a Global Pandemic


The catastrophic disruption to higher education from the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant and rapid changes to the delivery of mainstream teaching and learning in higher education institutions around the globe, in particular through the use of online learning.  The many examples of innovation and novelty demonstrated by institutions and individuals in their support of students and their learning provides a timely opportunity for the sharing of exemplary activities and outcomes in the Student Success Journal.  We are pleased to announce that Student Success in a Global Pandemic has been chosen as the topic for the 2021 Special Issue to enable academics, practitioners, leaders and policy makers to share their stories and outcomes and have ongoing learning from a time of extraordinary innovation.  

Published: 2021-11-02
Pages:i to iv
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Devlin, M., & McKay, J. (2021). Guest Editorial: Student Success in a Global Pandemic. Student Success, 12(3), i-iv.

Author Biographies

Australia Australia

Marcia Devlin, PhD, GAICD, is a globally recognised expert in education, equity and leadership. She works with a wide range of freelance consultants to provide services, expertise, advice and guidance in governance, leadership, interim executive roles, restructuring, facilitation, consulting, coaching, mentoring, research, evaluation, writing and/or speaking  to educational and other institutions, companies and organisations.

Australia Australia

Dr Jade McKay has over a decade of higher education experience working as an interdisciplinary researcher and academic. She has been involved in national and international research projects relating to teaching & learning with a targeted focus on the success of students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jade has published extensively in the field, her co-edited collection, Achieving Equity and Quality in Higher Education (Shah & McKay, 2018) in the top 25% of downloaded books published by Palgrave Macmillan. She has also published extensively in peer reviewed journals addressing contemporary issues of retention, student success, teaching with technology, and effective teaching and learning strategies. 

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