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Peer-supported Teaching Practice: Embodying a Relational, Practice-Led Approach to Enhancing Educator Wellbeing and Practice


Peer review of teaching (PRT) programs have the capacity to address the practice imperative of evaluating and enhancing teaching practice, and the ethical imperative of safeguarding and promoting educator wellbeing, which is intrinsically linked to student wellbeing. This article outlines the practice-led development of an institution-wide, embedded and contextualised PRT program, which we conceptualise as Peer-supported Teaching Practice (PTP). In contrast to traditional PRT, our working framework is built from the ground up and situates the educator as the driver of a relational peer-review process informed by psychological wellbeing literature. By incorporating peer reflection as a core function of the model, we seek to ensure all staff can access growth-fostering peer relationships regardless of their role, discipline or existing social capital. Rather than position academic developers as the facilitators of these conversations, we argue that peers are best equipped to support each other to explore, interrogate and mutually develop the embodied 'self-in-practice'.

Published: 2023-12-11
Pages:65 to 77
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Hansen, L., Chambers, T., & Hamilton, D. (2023). Peer-supported Teaching Practice: Embodying a Relational, Practice-Led Approach to Enhancing Educator Wellbeing and Practice. Student Success, 14(3), 65-77.

Author Biographies

Deakin University
Australia Australia

Lauren Hansen, SFHEA, is a Senior Lecturer in the Teaching Capability team at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, where she designs, implements, and evaluates strategic projects that develop, reward, and recognise quality teaching practice. She is particularly interested in the intersection of the self, education, and employment and how universities can support students and staff to develop their professional practice and identity. Lauren is an ICF-certified life coach and has a PhD in the social work discipline from Monash University. 

Deakin University
Australia Australia

Tim Chambers, SFHEA, is a Lecturer in the School of Psychology at Deakin University. Tim received his PhD from the University of Western Australia and spent several years working across various applied sport psychology and athlete career assistance roles within Australia’s high-performance sporting industry. Tim’s research program has two strategic agendas: (i) explore the diversity and effectiveness of athlete support services, and associated environmental factors, designed to improved athlete mental health and wellbeing, and (ii) investigate the physical and mental health benefits of engaging with natural environments. 

Deakin University
Australia Australia

Danielle Hamilton, SFHEA, is a Senior Lecturer and Open Education and Digital Practice Lead at Deakin University. She is spearheading the instantiation of open educational practice through capability building activities designed to maximise participation and achievement for all learners. Danielle has extensive experience in the fields of arts, education, accessibility and inclusion. Her research pursuits centre on experimental projects that explore the ethics of relationships at the interstices of bodies and technologies. 

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