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Toolkit for success: The Griffith Health suite of online student support resources. A Practice Report


In the current higher education climate, never has it been more imperative to promote early and ongoing student success and retention. Transition theory suggests that taking a coherent, scalable and holistic approach to supporting the student learning experience is the best way to scaffold and enable early success and persistence. Utilising this pedagogical approach, Griffith Health has designed and implemented a range of innovative, online resources to support the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students as they transition across the student lifecycle. This ‘toolkit for success’ includes school-specific orientation websites, a targeted writing and referencing online guide, and a ‘one-stop-shop’ resource where students can quickly and easily connect with all of the support services and resources available across the University. Analytics data show the support resources are being very well accessed and utilised, with staff and student feedback also highlighting their effectiveness and value.

Published: 2018-07-19
Pages:65 to 70
Section:Practice Reports

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