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Students guiding students: Integrating student peer review into a large first year science subject. A Practice Report


Learning how to give and receive peer review is a skill that science students need support in developing. We included student peer review in an assessment for a large first year science subject. Class time was dedicated to introducing and developing peer review skills and increasing engagement among students and between students and teachers. Students worked in pairs, small groups, and facilitated group discussions and were encouraged to learn from each other. The student peer review exercise provided students with the opportunity to reflect on and improve their work prior to submission. Survey results showed 78% of students agreed that peer review developed their ability to give constructive feedback. Training and resources provision for the teaching staff was crucial to the integration of peer review activities. Supported teaching staff were able to engage with and support the students, and the students valued this engagement and guidance.

Published: 2018-07-25
Pages:79 to 86
Section:Practice Reports

Author Biographies

University of Technology Sydney
Australia Australia

Faculty First Year Experience Coordinator, Faculty of Science

University of Technology Sydney
Australia Australia

Scholarly Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation

University of Technology Sydney
Australia Australia

Lecturer, School of Life Sciences

Core Member, CHT - Centre for Health Technologies

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