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Ups and downs in mood and energy: Associations with academic outcomes in higher education

  • Swinburne University of Technology
    Australia Australia


Individual differences in mood and energy may affect academic outcomes in higher education. With little previous research investigating this relationship it is not known whether mood and energy traits help or hinder academic performance. The current study addresses this gap in the literature by investigating ups (high mood and energy) and downs (low mood and energy) in a small sample of University students in their first year of a psychology degree. The results suggest that low mood and energy traits may be detrimental to academic performance. High mood and energy traits however, were not associated with academic performance. Implications of the findings, in particular those regarding low mood and energy, are that, unlike the trait itself, the behaviours associated with the trait (e.g., procrastination, distraction, low motivation) are amenable to change through psychological interventions. Several of these interventions are discussed.


Published: 2015-08-18
Pages:21 to 31
Open Access Journal
ISSN 2205-0795