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Latest issue:  2020 Special Issue Enabling Excellence through Equity

Student Success welcomes full papers and practice reports for consideration at any time.  

Student Success: A journal exploring the experiences of students in tertiary education


Current Issue

Vol 11 No 1 (2020): Special Issue: Enabling Excellence through Equity
Published: 2020-03-09
  • 2020 Special Issue: Enabling Excellence Through Equity
    Pranit Anand, Jacinta McNamara, Liz Thomas
Invited Feature
  • Excellent Outcomes for All Students: A Whole System Approach to Widening Participation and Student Success in England
    Liz Thomas
  • Pastoral Care and the Caring Teacher – Value Adding to Enabling Education
    Karen Seary, Julie Willans
  • Grit-ability: Which Grit Characteristics Enable Success for Mothers Entering University?
    Anne Braund, Trixie James, Katrina Johnston, Louise Mullaney
  • The Importance of Highly Engaged School-University Partnerships in Widening Participation Outreach
    Nadine Zacharias, Geoffrey Mitchell
  • ANTS And POTS: Do They Change Lives? Students Perceptions on the Value of Positive Psychology Concepts
    Vikki Walters, Trixie James
  • "Monkey See, Monkey Do, That’s Not Going to Actually Teach You": Becoming a Self-Directed Learner in Enabling Mathematics Units
    Gemma Mann, Julie Willans
  • Transformative Learning: Developing Agency, Independence and Promoting a Strong Sense of Self in Teen Mothers
    Lilliemay Cheung, Emma Kill, Janet Turley
  • When the Journey is as Important as the Destination: Time-Averaged Retention as an Alternate Measure of Student Engagement and Program Impact
    Heath Jones